Skip Shipping In Checkout Automatically

We are using a cs-cart addon as a POS solution. We have connected a barcodescanner and use an addon to create a simple ordering page that once it is done, you only need to add to the shopping basket and use the regular checkout procedure. It works fine, but we always need to go through the checkout pages to complete an order. Step 1 and 2 go automatically (name & address) but 3 (shipping) and 4 (payment) always need to be confirmed to complete an order. Would it be possible to always select 1 shipping option and skip the page. So directly go from 'checkout'-button in basket to payment methode and select 'cash' or 'pin' and then complete the order?

Not sure but would be interested to see what you use to operate it as pos with barcode scanner etc. Looking for something similar soon

You can always force an $order_info['shipping_id'] based on whatever conditions you require. That should have it skip the shipping step if all the other data is in place.