Skins in psd format

I would be great if the skins came with a psd file that had the slices already done. this would make it easier to edit the templates.

hmm… i think having the images you can edit is easiest you can get…

Plus i normal replace the images completely when i do my skins…

i think they mentined that in the next release that the templates would be editable in an html editor like the features are.

I don’t think we really need the psds… Most changes can be made without them as none of the skins are too graphic intensive. It would make things easier for some people, especially if they were layered, and would be cool to have included.

I’ve yet to see as CS-Cart Skins website… If I had more time I’d be interested in starting one though!


i guess it pretty much depends on what your doing. they are pretty customizable once you find out where to go to do the customizing. ive checked out lots of theme here and many are great. im used to doing in DW and seeing the changes right then and there. but im getting the hang of this. ive used some photoshop templates for a store and they were junk. Not all im sure, but i myself like the way these are set up. i love photoshop though for the graphics. i do think it would be cool to see a skins website.

I would like to see psd images as i would only change colors… Does any1 knows if you can get it somewhere???

if you just want to change the colors you can do the text in the css, and just download the image and change the color and reup load to the same place.

I did that but some images have gradient and would like to keep it like that…

im not good with graphics so .psd files would help me

if you want to change the gradient color,

open the image file in PS,


on the popup box just use the slider back n forth to try adn find a color you like, then resave. make a note of the numbers you set and you can open each gradient graphic and make them match.

Probably alot of ways to do this in PS, im no expert, but this is one method i know.



I would rather the CS team spend their hours on features rather than making skinning their product easier than it already is, theres only a few graphic files than need changing and as ETInteracive says, almost every graphics program allows you to adjust levels such as Hue / Saturation without affecting the gradients.

you can download the image of ,lets say the sidebox header, and open it in ps and repace it with a gradiant and upload the image again with the same name and it will be replaced automatcally you dont have to change the code unless you have a different size. but you can do gradiants, lines whatever you want.

as far as the cs team doing it, i too would rather they spend the time on the carts workings than the look of it.

Me too…i only said if they can put it to help desk for download…im sure they have psd files :slight_smile: