skins for Professional 3.0.0

Iam planning to upgrade from 2.2.5 and am told new skins are different. I would like to see the new skins before upgrading but the demo store doesn't show them. Is there anyway I can view them before the upgrade?


There is only one “basic” skin included with CS-Cart v3.0.

They block manager allows you to customize the layout through a drag-n-drop interface and you can edit the css through the “my_changes” addon to change colors, fonts etc.

And you can always hire a developer to make the changes for you.

Thanks Jeremy,

I see there are people selling skins for 3.0. Do you think they are reliable? Also if I do so, what help desk do I use?

Thanks again

I have never purchased a skin from a reseller so I couldn't really comment on their reliability.

You can review a list of “Trusted” Design Partners here:


I am currently developing new addons and may enter the template market in the near future.