skins don't work. relative path problem.

I’ve moved my store to another server. and now all relative paths don’t work.

image tags are like this: /skins/default_blue/admin/images/sidebox_icon_help.gif

it works on my old server. but doesnt work on new server.

it should be like that: skins/default_blue/admin/images/sidebox_icon_help.gif

I should remove the first slash. How can I do that.

or is there any configuration on cpanel or whatever.

any ideas are wellcome :rolleyes:

if someone could tell me which function is responsible for html output or handling image srcs. I just can’t find the function which I supposed to modify.

Make sure the paths are accurate in config.php and do not contain a trailing slash. If your relative path is different now then you should also delete the cached files in var/compiled. If using html catalog then that also will need recompiled if paths are now different.

Thanks for the reply S-Combs,

My paths in config file don’t contain a trailing slash. Also I deleted the compiled files in var/compiled but I didn’t recompile them. How can I recompile? run the install.php again? I would hesitate to do that because my skins are highly modified.

Files and directories within var/compiled will automatically recompile after removed.

The only manual recompiling you would need to do is if you used the html catalog and the relative path is now different than before the move. It would need rebuilt if so.

I think I find out what is the problem. I’ve sent an email to my hosting provider. They say my relative paths will work correctly once the DNS has propagated for the domain. That supposed tp mean cs-cart will not work with the url like this: [url][/url] it should be like [url][/url]

is that true?

Your site is working correctly right now for me using the domain [url][/url] so that was the problem. If you are still not seeing the images or CSS attributes then just allow a little more time for further propagation.