Skin Width

How can I change the template/ Skin width from 100% to a set 800px.

And where do I change this?

Thanks in advanced


Hi Gary

edit your “index.tpl” in skins/what you are using/customer/


{if $settings.Appearance.categories_menu_type == 'emenu'}

{include file="scripts/form_scripts.tpl"}

{if 'SKINS_PANEL'|defined}
{include file="demo_skin_selector.tpl"}



Change it from width="100%" to 800 and add align="center"

Hope that helps

{include file="top.tpl"}

When you do this, you will also need to change one of the form template files

as one of the boxes is set to a fixed width which expands the layout beyond the 800px width…

Found in


Near the bottom you will see lines for input-text size=“50” etc…

Change these values.