Skin for the customer area is Blank?

After I upgrade cs-cart 3.0.4 version, Skin Selector shows Blank value. It suppose to be “Basic”.

Please help to fix this problem…


What build/version did you upgrade from? v2 or v3?

Is there a 'basic' folder in the var/skins_repository directory on your server? Is there a manifest.ini file present in the 'basic'?

Where you using a custom template before with a name other than 'Basic'


thank you for your eplay. I am using cs-cart ultimate verions 3.0.4 and. I did upgrade from cs-cart 3.0.2 to 3.0.3 and 3.0.4 version. Moreover, I don't see manifest.ini in “basic” folder though.

Not sure how that would have disappeared but you will need that file present. Is it in the var/skins_repository/basic directory?

This is resolved…There was a security problem.