Skin Design

Skin : aquarelle_green

I need a hand in fixing a small problem in the skin aquarelle_green.

First I need to make this a fixed width page can someone give the the line code to change and in what file.

Next I noticed that when you shrink the page it screws the menus up. It looks as though it is due to the logo.

Can the Logo be moved above left of tab menus so as not to effect them when the page is shrunk.

if so how.

Thanks in advance.

To answer your first question about ‘which line to change to make it fixed width’. This is actually a slight misconception. To ‘make’ the layout fixed, you’d have to alter the various css files associate with the template (whereas one element would be width: 100%, you would need to change to like width:500px; etc…)

I concur the above.

If you really want to save yourself time:

Open Styles.css

Find “Fixed Width” in the text

Uncomment Fixed width

Comment 100% layout (default)