Skin Change Not Saving

I have been trying to change the skin for the customer area of my company’s store from one preloaded skin to another, but nothing is happening when I hit save. It showed the site loading all of the files for the new skin, but when it finished, it returned to the old skin. When I select another skin, the templates directory listing doesn’t change. The file for the new skin are showing up under the templates editor as inactive. I’ve searched and haven’t been able to find anyone else having this problem, so any help would be appreciated! I don’t have much experience with CS-Cart, so I’m not sure if there’s something I’m inadvertantly doing wrong.

Hello, mbongartz!

Try cleaning up the template cache. In order to do it open this link in your browser: where “” is the address of your store and where admin.php is a script file for the administration panel of your store that was renamed for security reasons.

Thank you, that fixed it!