SIze of PDF invoice

Size of PDF invoice is very very small I want to make it A4 size, currently its good for thermal printer (you know those small papers)

Anone has same problem?

Same problem here.

I thought it was something I did at first cause I added some fields.

did you ever solve?

Same here…

For now I have my printer set to 140% so that I can print decent invoices:rolleyes:

Has anyone found a way to adjust this? My normal invoice is perfect size but the pdf invoice is tiny. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Anyone a solution?

My normal invoice is also perfectly, the pdf version messed up, i get only a half part of the invoice…

I had the same problem and changed mine to print on “Letter” size paper.

You can find the function here: /core/fn.common.php line 2068-2071 (in version 2.0.11)

$media = & Media::predefined('Letter');
$media->set_margins(array('left' => 10, 'right' => 10, 'top' => 3, 'bottom' => 0));

Above is the settings I used and this created a really nice printout pdf. You can find the list of predefined media sizes in /lib/html2pdf/html2ps.config

So you can use the A4 setting. Hope that helps!

In my case, what I did for A4 is below:

[HTML]$media = & Media::predefined(‘A4’);


$media->set_margins(array(‘left’ => 8, ‘right’ => 8, ‘top’ => 3, ‘bottom’ => 10));


Thanks for that information!

It is good to know. Try me try it.

Thank you!!! for the instructions to change the print to PDF settings. I made the changes to what jgaris described and now it prints to PDF perfectly! :grin:

Bill G.

Anybody know the path or what this file is called in 4.2.4