Size and Qty option?


I have question about size and Qty.

I’d like upload one t-shirt but there are different size

so i want to know how to do it.

For example,

S - 10pcs

M - 15pcs

L- 20pcs

Thank you!

Just to clarify…are you talking about importing the information?

[quote name=‘CSCartSkins’]Just to clarify…are you talking about importing the information?[/QUOTE]

Not import, this is for add new product.

I want to do it





You can do it to two way.

First: Global options [if a lot of product will use same otpions, you must use it]

Second: Product options [ if all product will use different options, you must use it]

In “Add product options” write a option name like “color”, select a selection type like"selectbox".

Under firts line you can add options and modifiers like “red” “+10”…

It’s all…