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After reading a TON of threads from CS-Cart users saying to stay AWAY from Siteground, I am finally considering the leap to another hosting company.

I initially setup my site with Siteground because of their seamless integration with CS-Cart out of the box. So far, I must admit, everything has worked just fine and I have not had any downtime or “threatening” emails from Siteground asking me to upgrade my hosting account to a semi-dedicated or dedicated server.

However, I have been watching my numbers through the cpanel and I am constantly exceeding my “CPU Time Usage” and my “Account Executions”…especially in the month of December. I feel it is only a matter of time before I run into a serious problem.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to where I should go with my site? My site is constantly expanding with new content and more traffic and I do not want to hit a wall with my hosting company where my site is either slowed down or shut down completely as other Siteground users have previously stated occurs.

I have absolutely 0 knowledge of how a website transfer from one host to another would occur, so I would need a host that could assist in this process with as little downtime as possible.

Thanks to everyone here in the forum for your constant assistance with users issues. Happy holidays!

Runs great on my host, … I’m on a VPS plan… they are scalable so you can upgrade when you need it… and it has always been seamless when doing so.

Please check [url][/url] and you should be fine.

Make sure you get a server located close to your customers base… even if it costs you a couple of bucks more (with the weak dollar European providers can’t compete with the Americans, but hey, I want my server close to my customers so I am happy to pay a couple of $ more)

kvchosting is good and cheap ($3.49) and provide free dedicated IP and cheap SSL . View details and some reviews at

Aldo siteground never advise me to upgrade my account, I too was constantly exceeding cpu usage and stuff like that, so I decided to go with a semi-dedicated account.

I know everyone speaks poorly of siteground, I’m very sorry to desapoint you all but my experience with them has been 5 stars and aldo a few months ago, because of all the complaints from people in this forum I was afraid to stay with them, yesterday I had a terrible experience and my shop was down because of a weird mistake I’ve done and they solved it in less than 5 minutes, and it’s not the first time they have help me with similar problems (3 times in the last 5 months), always with incredible response times, I can’t possible ask for more.

I have 2 or 3 monitoring services to check downtimes and they never come up with any downtime for my shop either.

So, and aldo I know many people will say that I work for them or something like that, I do not and I dare you to prove something so silly as that.

Some time ago, after someone acused me of that, I promissed myself that I wouldn’t speak of siteground again, I’m breaking that promisse because I do not only think that it is unffair all the critics, but also because I needed to say that you can not believe everything you read, there are many interests in here in this line of business ((hosting companies) (I hope they will not erase this post because of this comment) ).

I’m not special, and therefore, if I have a good experience with them many other people must have it to, they are just to “shy” or afraid to share it.

So, if you must change do so, but knowing that there is no perfect hosting company and in a winning team you should not make any changes.

Happy New Year from the heart for all of you (even for those against my comment :wink: ) I wish you all the best, many many many many sales :slight_smile:

If you havent had any problems why change? better the devil you know…


[quote name=‘lefaek’]kvchosting is good and cheap ($3.49) and provide free dedicated IP and cheap SSL . View details and some reviews at[/quote]

Awesome offers…

Unlimited Bandwidth = no bandwidth is free

Unlimited Disk Space = joke

$3.49 = subscription for 3 years

SSL certificate for $50 / Year = is not cheap

Battle for hosting?

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