Site "store Closed" After Doing Upgrade From 4.12.1 To 4.12.2

Hi, Yesterday we did the upgrade for our site

From : 4.12.1

To: 4.12.2

When we try to go to the store it says : STORE CLOSED temporarily for maintenance.

Any suggestions as to what steps we can take to get this up and running?

We are able to get into Admin panel.

Will appreciate.

Thank you.


Did you try development mode ?

In config.local.php set

ini_set('display_errors', 1);

and in file config.php please find "DEVEL" and replace

//define('DEVELOPMENT', true);


define('DEVELOPMENT', true);

Best regards




and open it (change status to on)

Robert and Darius,

Thank you and we will try that to see if it works.

Appreciate your help.

Since the issue, see comments from host thats trying to also help... I noticed when I disable .htaccess file, the site page changes. Seems like the update you did updated the htaccess file.

This may require a developer to check on the code in .htaccess file and update it as well. Alternatively, you can restore a backup of the website to a time before you made the update.

sorry double posted..

Any time you upgrade, the store automatically closes. You need to go to the store settings to open it.

[attachment=14851:Screenshot_2021-02-04 Administration Stores - Administration panel.png]

Screenshot_2021-02-04 Administration Stores - Administration panel.png

If you opened the store and still see STORE CLOSED page, check page source code. Error message will be displayed in the bottom