Site not switching to https

Hi, I am hoping I am just missing the obvious. I was running CS Cart straight over http only and it worked (still does) fine. I installed a certificate and added an https binding in IIS 7 for the secure portion of the site. If I go directly there, the certificate works perfectly. In admin, I checked all of the https boxes but the site does not switch. I think it is an issue with the config.local.php file. I tired changing the https_host to ‘’ but it does not like that. This should be very simple, just need to send it to a different port (443) on the same server, same IP, etc. Any ideas?

// Host and directory where software is installed on no-secure server

$config[‘http_host’] = ‘’;

$config[‘http_path’] = ‘’;

// Host and directory where software is installed on secure server

$config[‘https_host’] = ‘’;

$config[‘https_path’] = ‘’;

If I manually go to the admin site using https it pulls up the certificate and runs fine. If I try and do the same for the customer site, it bounces me back to http.

FYI… when I go to [url=“”][/url], it stays in https and the SSL works properly.

I see that your SSL is working correctly now. What did you do to fix it. I am having the same problem.


works correctly but when using the cart and going to the checkout page it never switches to https.

I have specified this on the General tab in the admin section but it make no difference.

cs-cart support says they are too busy to look at it right now and that I will need to wait 2 or 3 days. This is a live cart and I really could use some help from some one if the know what the problem might be.

I'll try most anything at this point.

Thanks in advance,