Site news - mod with thumbnails and in columns

I am looking to change the standard site news block to a more advanced preview, where we can have :

  • the news in 2 or 3 columns so it use the pag space more - if put in eg. the central tab
  • ability to have thumbnails shown next to the short news text

    I looked on the net, nothing like that really.

    What I thought of is to create a “free” product category and use this as site news - but this will bring all sorts of implications with it.

    Did anyone see something like that before?

    As always, many thanks in advance!

I am also looking for an advanced site news central block. Let us know if you come up with a solution.


I did buy one from Sitemasterly

any news for this addon or modification?

Hello @FiligreeStreet,

Can you add a print screen with how you will won't to look at the end and i will try to help you

Sincerely yours,