Site map in 2 x languages?

Hi All

Sorry, this probably should be in SEO section, but that seems a lot less visited than here.

I have an English base language, and Spanish second language. My cart is creating a Google sitemap.xml in only Spanish, maybe as I am actually in Spain, though my hosting in in the States. I am cool with Spanish xml as 80% of our clients are Spanish, but I want to attract the British as well.

I have SEO turned on, URL rewrite is working, site map is working.

Does anyone know how I can get site map to write text for the english urls as well?

Many thanks in advance.

CS Cart 2.1.1

Google accepts only one sitemap pro URL (normal, gziped) and a RSS sitemap. If you want to have a sitemap for your second language, then the URL must be different as the main URL, like ‘www.yoursite.xx/spanish’

Hi indy0077,

I’m intrested in that too since my eshop have 3 languages.

How do you change the link to www.blabla.xx/spanish



I don’t understand. At the moment there is the same url, but with -en or -sp at the end of the page direction. Is this enough, or does it need a different set-up, and if how, how do I do that. Currently CS-Card and Mod-rewrite does the url as described.