Site Map CS-Cart Addon won't install

I’ve changed the URL for my store on my server and on CS-cart’s website and it’s all working fine but when I went to recreate the sitemap for google, the addon page says it’s not installed. I click on install and it doesn’t do anything besides still say “not installed”. It’s version 1.0. Is there a new version of this addon? I"m on the newest version of CS-Cart.
Thank you for your time and assistance,
Matt Caswell

Is there a new version of this addon?
–>You are using the latest version of the Google sitemap addon of the cs-cart i.e. 1.0.
I request you to please check the doc may this help you: Google Sitemap — CS-Cart 4.17.x documentation


Please try to execute the following query to your database and let me know if it helps:

UPDATE cscart_addons SET install_datetime = 1703751923 WHERE addon = 'google_sitemap'

Executed. Now it says “ON” but it doesn’t generate a new sitemap when I click on the button to REGENERATE. Is 1.0 the only version of the add-on?

Yes, 1.0 is the only version of the add-on. What happens when you click on the button?