Site-Breaking Error On Cs-Cart 4.10.3 With Energot


I administrate an eshop running on cs-cart 4.10.3 with the theme energot

The previous administrator was skiping updates and the site was running normally on version 4.8.2 with the energot theme. After the some updates on version 4.10.3 i kept getting the same error


"/var/www/vhosts/" on line 3 "{$product = $product|fn_product_variations_merge_features}" unknown modifier "fn_product_variations_merge_features" -->


If someone has gotten the same error or if somenone from energot is here please reply :)

Most likely the theme needs to be updated as well.


It looks like this fn_product_variations_merge_features function was in 4.8.2 and is not in 4.10.3. You should upgrade theme.

Best regards


Thanks for the help :)

I ended up contacting Energot Themes and they advised the same.

Im updating right now!