Single Product in Category - Can We Skip the Category Page?

Hi All -

Maybe I am missing some simple setting somewhere, not sure.

If I have a category with only one product in it, and it will only have one product, forever… is there a way to skip the category display page, so when a user clicks on the menu item, it takes them direct to the single product?

Currently -

Root > Category of Products > Product

I need this for all other categories - but for this single category, I need:

Root > Product

I have already tried a 301 redirect, but as you can imagine, it loops.

Any advice is appareciated in advance,


In case anyone is interested in my solution / workaround.

1 - I created a new category, and set it to hidden.

2 - I moved the single product to the new category, removing it from the original.

3 - I used a rewriterule to redirect and 301 the link in the catlog menu, to the product.

Again - this was a category in our store that will always and forever ONLY have ONE PRODUCT. I felt no need to stop at a category page…

For the end user - it goes from:

Home > Category > Product



Home > Product (But the url string remains the same)




Has anyone else come up with a non hard coded way to do this?

I need exactly the same thing but at some point may need to add another product or 2

I was pondering using php to do a location change if there is one one item in the product count, anyone have any suggestions on this?



I just posted a similar message earlier today! Very strange. Could do with a mod when adding a category so you can apply a url to the category instead and then you could link directly to the single product.

I am still waiting for a solution to this!

How I would do this is:

create a addons/my_changes/controllers/customer/

Inside that file look to see if the count of products is zero and that there are no sub categories. If both those cases are true then redirect to dispatch=products.view&product_id=.

So if you’re at a leaf-node and there is only one product, go to the product detail page.