Single Email Should Manages Multiple Vendor And Multiple Seller Admin


I am developing marketplace website on CS Cart Multi-Vendor Plus.

Now we start adding many vendors, but we have one issue, some vendor manages 2 to 10 different business like they have grocery store, ice cream shop, kitchen products shop etc etc

now in cs cart each ac they want add separate email, if we add same email error show as “email already exist” so for 3 business they need 3 different emails, it little hard for peoples to manage multiple emails. But in Amazon or other eCommerce marketplace people can manage multiple store in single email:

Another issue all vendor don’t have knowledge to add product, manage vendor ac, so many people’s offer service like listing service, shipping service and account maintains etc etc, but issue is if we add one administrator to one vendor we can’t add that service people to other vendor, generally service provide need manage 20 to 100 ac, so they need 20 to 100 different emails

There any add-ons to solve this issue or I request to cs-cart to create some option like in single email vendor can manage multiple business also single email can used multiple store admin.

Thank you

We failed to find addons on the marketplace which can solve your problem. I am afraid, additional custom development work is required to do it.

OK thank you for your response, send me private message how much it will cost, if we need create as add on.

We will contact you shortly

Was this programming ever completed and added to the Marketplace as an add-on?

Yeah @eComLabs, I am also interested on addon like this. Please let me know, thanks!

Yeah @eComLabs, I am also interested on addon like this. Please let me know, thanks!

Please drop a request here