Simtech has not contacted

They are affiliates of cs-cart and are a developer and sell many add-ons.
I trusted them and traded with them but their addons have a lot of problems.
I can’t believe this compared to how many addons I’ve purchased so far and most of the issues have been fixed within 1-3 days.

There are currently 7 add-ons having issues, and for affiliate add-ons, vendors can fix the balance. 999 billion or whatever.

The request for a fix for the bug was first requested on September 1st.
It’s been 2 months already and not a single addon has been modified.
I asked for a refund for some addons, but they refused a refund because I got a discount.
After a month and a half, they asked if they would like to change the theme.
What are you talking about? can you understand this?
They haven’t been contacted for over 20 days again.
I’m wondering if I should leave the fix to another developer.
What would you guys do in this situation?


Simtech’s add ons are encrypted and most developers won’t touch another developers add ons.

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This is the add-ons development department team from Simtech Development. Thank you for your feedback!

Let us kindly inform you that all this time we have not stopped working on your requests, and we are continuing to fix all the issue that you sent to our team.

This process can take a little time, because we need to examine and estimate incoming request within our clients’ environment and on the default software. In any case, we want to help make your store operation more efficient with the help of our products.

The reason why this is taking longer than we would like may lie in the changes that were made in the code of the theme. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee full compatibility with third-party add-ons and modifications or a custom codes, as there may be many changes that don’t comply with CS-Cart standards.

We have informed our support managers about your concerns and will contact you by email with more detailed information.

Keep in touch and stay safe!

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There are no changes that will affect your add-ons. It is true that I have sent an email two or three times but no response. I honestly can’t believe they’re working on a fix. In two months you should be able to build some addons from scratch.

This is very bad news.

Sounds like a difficult situation.

Good luck!

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This is the add-ons development department team from Simtech Development. Thank you for keeping us updated.

Let me draw your attention again, that we provide ready-made solutions for CS-Cart software based only on their default code.

Any third-party themes, style changes and custom edits, even the most minor ones, often cause problems in the operation of add-ons and CS-Cart software in general. As similar changes are observed in your store, your requests have a unique specificity that requires more time to examine them from both support managers and developers.

Considering the specifics of your request, we immediately sent it directly to our developers so that they could examine issues and find solutions for it. At the moment, we have solved three of your requests. Now, our developers are working on the issue with the Affiliate Light add-on within your environment.

We will provide you with detailed information to this point by email.

Keep in touch and stay safe!

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all right. We understand your situation.
I haven’t had mail from your company in a long time, so I’ve just found a way.
I’ll wait more.

I started comms with Dmitry at simtech on 10th september regarding an addon I have been using fine for 2 years but after an update something went wrong and all of my products were blocked from google shopping.
I wasnt looking for free service I asked/offered to pay for any hlep with the JSON-LD for SEO addon, after numerous emails from us both On 19th October I was told I would get a response withing 3-5 business days.
Still heard nothing as of today 5th November and I have solved the problem myself. ( I think)

I think it’s a problem.
I don’t think they should keep doing what you can’t handle.
Increasing the amount of work is also a problem.

Same scenario. I also needed to make additional modifications but when I discovered they had encrypted the add on, I ended up going with @ecomlabs add on instead.

I have 15 addons installed from Simtech on my web. And switching off and replacing them if possible from other developers. Now only have 8 left active from 15. Same issues with them.

This is really bad news. I am also considering that. Since they are affiliates of cs-cart this should be improved. Compared to other developers, the support is very poor. They always just say they’re working.

Could you please respond to my ticket and email?
Daria has not been contacted for a month.

so sad i am very sadness for you

Thank you for your comfort.
Thank you for grieving for me. In 2022, in the generation of the global internet, it’s amazing that there is a company out of this common sense.