Simtech Development: Server Management

Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce that we started providing Server Management services that enable CS-Cart store owners to handle more users and sales transactions, safely move their store from one web host to another, and provide high quality and reliable security.

Our expert DevOps team members have a high level of knowledge about the features of all software systems, web servers, and PHP and MySQL. They will study your CS-Cart settings, website traffic, and server logs and help you enhance your website performance, as well as make the system secure, rapid, and redundant.

Installation and server configuration

Our experienced DevOps engineers provides safely transfer of the whole store from one server to another server or only database transfer from one server to another server. High and reliable performance is guaranteed.

Services we provide:

1. Server transfer and installation

2. Placement on the Cloud server

3. Placement on Dedicated server

Website Optimization and Speed up

We perform a complex analysis of your store including both server and CS-Cart speed optimization analysis and configure the server to meet your needs. We also provide stress testing to examine the loads her store can handle.

Services we provide:

1. Website performance analysis

2. Server speed up

3. Server monitoring: Your server will be closely monitored 24/7.

4. Platform scaling: We will scale up the store to meet your needs.

5. Stress testing


Our DevOps team members provide enhanced protection against cyber threats, DDos attacks and protect your server making it faster, safer, and more reliable for your CS-Cart store.

Services we provide:

1. SSL installation

2. Security audit

3. DDos protection and mitigation

4. Backup system configuration: Daily backups to keep all data safe and secure.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in comments below.

If you want to order the service please get a free quote on our website or email us at

Im interesting in improving our store speed

Right now we are in digital ocean and working on the new version v4

Thank you

My contact is

Im interesting in improving our store speed

Right now we are in digital ocean and working on the new version v4

Thank you
My contact is

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Do you still use HTTP?

It is essential to use HTTPS to protect your website today. Our DevOps engineers pay in-depth attention to security, so we have already switched our website to HTTPS and we will be happy to help you do the same.

We will choose the kind of the SSL certificate you need: a free Let’s Encrypt certificate, or a paid one, issued by a reliable certification authority, single, multi-domain, or wildcard certificate. We will timely renew your SSL certificate before it expires.

SSL can impact the performance of your website. It can be explained by the fact that it takes time to encrypt data: match ciphers and get session IDs.

We will share with you the secret tips to speed up your website as far as the site performance and security level are equally important. Our team knows how to make the sites on HTTPS perform quicker than of your competitors.

You can read more in our blog.

Are you backed up?

According to the statistics of Quest Cloud Computing, 7 out of 10 small firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year. The reasons range from the carelessness of the manager or the programmer to a fire in the data center due to cooling problems. To protect yourself and your business from trouble, do backups.

Some advice from Gleb, our head of the DevOps department

If you do backups on a flash drive or laptop whenever you remember, you’re doing it wrong. It’s of crucial importance to save data on a regular basis. Do it often: my advice for small stores is to back up files at least once per day.

Backing up to the same server your store is running on is useless—you risk losing it all. Backing up to another server is the way out, preferably to a server in another data center. Keep more than one copy, do not overwrite the old one: you will get upset when you face an error a few days later, and you won’t have the old backups at hand. I recommend keeping at least three copies.

It’s even worse when you do backups but you don’t test restores. According to the Symantec statistics, 68% of companies lost data and failed to restore their information from backups. Also, do not forget to check the integrity of the data regularly.

How we do it

Our team can help you back up your business. We can set up scheduled backups and find a place to keep them.

We offer 100GB of disk space to store copies on our server to the clients of our technical support. We use the RAID (redundant array of independent disks) system on our server so that we don’t lose all of the copies with a crash on one of the disks.

We back up the code and database during nights when there’s less traffic on your site. We perform test restores every month. Thus, we can be sure that backups are done accurately.

If you have any questions about backing up or restoring data, please EMAIL US.

Image Optimization: Bigger is Not Better

Today, I’d like to tell you about another interesting feature that our DevOps engineers can implement for you.

Store owners add images for products to attract customers’ attention and make the product description more informative. They crop images, change resolution and aspect ratio, increase sharpness and post images online, often overlooking the importance of image compression.

But not even a fantastic-looking and compelling image will grab your customers’ attention if the image takes a lot of time to load in the browser. According to Kissmetrics, 40% of users abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Make your images load faster by compressing them. While reducing the size, it’s important not to reduce the quality. To make images take up less space, but still look perfect, webmasters use the following tools for lossless compression:

  • advpng
  • gifsicle
  • jhead
  • jpegoptim
  • jpeg-recompress
  • jpegtran
  • optipng
  • pngcrush
  • pngout
  • pngquant

It’s a sad fact that very few store owners pay attention to image optimization. In December of 2016, none of our clients optimized images on the server either before creating a product manually or automatically.

Our team can simplify image optimization for you. Here’s how it’s done. You upload new images onto the server and then a special script optimizes them once a day. The images will look the same but take up less space.

However, compression takes a lot of resources. It may lead to server overload at peak hours. That’s why we compress images in the background mode when there are less visitors on the site. For instance, during the implementation of the project, we saved up to 20% of user traffic and increased the page loading time by simply compressing the images.

EMAIL US to optimize images in your online store today.


Do you know where to host a server? How to choose a hosting provider? How to configure a server?

Choosing a hosting is like searching for an office space — how to decide between a workstation in an open space, an office in a business center and a rental building? Or should you even build your own one?

There are various types of web hosting services available to host your website. The choice depends on your needs and budget.

Gleb, the head of our DevOps department, gives some helpful tips for choosing the right hosting and server for your CS-Cart store in the article.


We often tell you that we have DevOps, but what is it? Why do you need it?

We prepared the article for you that covers the following topics:

- What is DevOps?

- Why is DevOps so important?

- How to implement DevOps?

- How we do DevOps. The Cases.

Please find a few minutes to clear things out.