Simtech Dev addons, upgradeability and maintenance

Does anyone know anything about SimtechDevs policy regarding previously purchased licenses for add-ons that they developed?

We purchased several licenses for add-ons that seemingly are no longer maintained by SimtechDev but can be purchased via the Marketplace.

I am referring to the following addon bundle: Mega SEO Package.
which consisted of three add-ons

  • Google AMP
  • SEO Templates

Albeit Google AMP seem to work okay but could be improved upon
the SEO Templates add-on seems to have competition from other developers.

You should contact CS-Cart Addons team with this question

All SimtechDev modules are supported by this company now

We did but it took while for a reply.

At any rate thanks for your reply.
I am thinking about dropping the JSON-LD addon and the SEO Templates from Simtech Dev in favor for a more complete solution.

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Is there any known issues with the JSON-LD addon?

A couple of our customers had this add-on installed and they didn’t have any significant issue with it.

Sorry, I shall rephrase. Are there limitations of the JSON-LD that would be rectified by utilising another add-on


My name is Dmitriy, I am an add-ons development manager at CS-Cart Add-ons.

Could you please specify your email, so we can analyse your request in more detail?

We will look into your request as a priority. At the moment, our add-ons are working as standard after the migration to the subscription plan.

Could you please clarify if your add-on licenses are active? Now our add-ons have several plans, in case the license has expired, there is a possibility of disabling some functionality, please create a ticket in Help Desk CS-Cart, so we will take it into work.

We look forward to your response.