Simplify Product Variations


I’m in a position where I am going to buy a new CSCart licence because the developer of the current software I use will no longer be in development.

But I’m thinking while I love CSCart for the wealth of options it has there’s one problem that this cart has the same as my old cart.

The way that product options and variations work and while setting them up is fine the problem is.

Discounting per product is never fine tuned.

Lets say I set up a promotion to discount from an item of £19.99 and it has size options

lets say





99.00 Etc

In CSCart this kind of option shows up as +

Option 1 £19.99

Option 2 (+£10.00)

Option 3 (+£25.00)

Option 4 (+£50.00)

Option 5 (+£79.01)

This is fine however when adding things such as discounts it complicates things.

I created a promotion and I only wanted a discount to be applied to the first option but it applied the discount to every product variation

Which makes discounting a product variation a difficult thing say like

Option 1 £19.99 £15.00

Option 2 £29.99 £25.00

Option 3 £44.99 £39.99

Option 4 £79.99 (don’t want to discount this item just the others)

Option 5 £99.00 £89.00

Something like this


While I understand there may be higher priorities and would probably create a massive change in the fundamental way that CSCart works these things will make CSCart better and should be a part of future plans.

Any comments on this would be welcome for or against ?