Simple Stock Movement Overview


We need a simple stock movement overview for CS Cart Ultimate (with multistore)

The idea:

On 23-10-2019 we add a stock of 20 black t-shirts

I want to always be able to see we added 20 black t-shirts on that date.

We add more stock on the 30.

I want to be able to see how much we added on the 23th, the 30th, a total of all INstock (so 20+20 in this case) and the current stock so we can see how much we sold in total. All this has to work with multistore, latest cs-carts and variations 2.0.


(ps, not sure if allowed, but if it is, you can always send me a quote)


So basically the idea would be similar to any deposit transaction history. The page will display the dates, the number of product added on that date, and the total number of available products. We can try it in customization. In order to get a quote, please generate a ticket here and we would prefer to discuss in detail about the look and feel, and other related requirements.


Webkul Team

Drop a note via the link in my signature. We can provide you an addon that will retain all stock change history and give you a setting to identify the number of days you want to show history for. I.e.

Setting: show 14 days of stock history

Previous balance: 18
10/1/19: Add: 6 (24)
10/6/19: Sell 2 (22)
10/10/19: Add 4 (26)
10/14/19: Add 3 (29)

This would show on the admin product details page under the "In stock" line.