Simple question about Shipping =)

Hello Everyone,

I have simple question about shipping, when creating new product

in the admin manager, there is a input box for freight cost. how

can i enable this as its not showing up in the shopping cart when

i enter amount to it? (FIXED SHIPPING PER ITEM)

Thank You

-Peter :razz:

Do you have a shipping method set up? The freight cost is added to any calculated shipping as I recall.

If you want to charge a standard shipping amount per item, you can do this creating a manual shipping method and setting “Item dependencies” to charge your standard amount for “More than” 0 items and checking the Per Item checkbox. Alternatively, you could create a shipping method that always calculates a shipping charge of $0 and use the “Freight cost” field on the product to assign different shipping costs per product which would then be added to the calculated $0 from the shipping method.



I actually wanted to add different shipping prices per each item, but fixed shipping…

so if i have item (1,2) then i would set item 1 for $10.99 shipping and item 2 for $5.99 shipping… do you know what i mean?


You need to add the shipping cost to each product using the “Freight cost” field. This will add this cost to any computed shipping value so you will also need to create a manual shipping method that charges $0 (e.g, under “Cost dependencies”, a order subtotal of “More than” $0.01 has a “Rate Value” of 0 with Type set to Absolute).

The amount entered in the freight cost field on each product will be extended by the number of units ordered and those costs will be summed with the Freight Cost from all the other products ordered. Finally, the total of all those Freight Cost will be added to your manual shipping method which should not add any additional cost.



Sorry i could not reply quicker, Anyhow i cannot find “Cost dependencies”

is it under Shipping Settings, or Shipping Methods? Im using the latest version of CS-CART…

Thank You Again,



It is in Shipping methods. If the Rate calculation radio buttons are set for “Manual” you will see tables at the bottom of the page titled “Shipping charges”. The “Cost dependencies” is the first tableunder that.