Similar Product Fields, What Do You Fill Them With?

On the 'Editing product' page I come across some fields which are very similar. See below 3 pairs of such similar fields.

I'm familiar with the individual definition of each of these fields, but how do you manage to create unique content for each of them? Or you don't and just copy the info between the pairs of similar fields

For example, 'search words' versus 'meta-keywords'; what differences (if any?) have people come up with in practice?

We will have store with thousands of products. And no vendor info available (as we are the original vendor) so it looks like a huge, huge task to come up with unique info for each of these fields…

1. Name versus Page Title

2. (Short)Description versus Meta-Description

3. Search words versus Meta-keywords

Thanks in advance for any tips


Name and page title would usually be the same depending on what you sell, and would also run the same on seo field

Short description is for viewing on category pages etc and does not have to be used as it is just a snapshot of the main product description.

Search words are for use in the store only to find products and meta keywords are used in search engine (although somewhat depreciated now and not used by Google)



Thank you for your quick reply and information.

So if I focus only on google (90% market share in Europe…) I can ignore meta keywords?

W.r.t. Meta-Description, is it still the case that this info is presented during Google search results? Just below the page title?


Here is what we can find in CS-Cart reference

Name – Name of the product as it appears on the storefront and in the Administration panel.

Page title – Title of the product page on the storefront, which is displayed in the web browser when somebody is viewing the page. Required for SEO purposes.

Short description – Short product description appearing on a product list page of the storefront. The description can be either a plain text or a formatted HTML text. If you are not familiar with HTML, you are encouraged to add a formatted description using the built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor.

META description – Contents of the HTML meta tag describing the product. Required for SEO purposes.

Search words – List of words by which the product should be easily found in the built-in search facility.

META keywords – Contents of the HTML tag containing a list of search keywords for the product. Required for SEO purposes.

Ecom Labs,

Also thanks for taking the time to help. And nice to read this info again.

Perhaps I was not clear in my original post, but those definitions I am familiar with (I tried to read the manual, KB articles, reference).

What I'm very interested in is to find out from other shop owners how they manage to fill all these fields for thousands of products.

Allow me to explain: Name & Page Title as an example.

johnbol1 suggested using the same content for both fields. Which seems sensible, but is that what most show owners do in practice?

Short description & Meta-description. I'm inclined to fill both of these fields with exactly the same information. They both try to seduce readers to click further. Short Description from category pages & Meta-description from Google search results.

But what do most show owners do in practice?

Thanks again for your time


Meta description is still pulled by Google, but if you leave it blank, then CS will use the first part of your full description as the meta data automatically, so if you would prefer the description to be used by “G” just leave the meta desc blank and drop some rich relevant keywords in the first sentence of the full desc.

ok, tx