Signifyd Or Fraud Protection Services

I don't think Signifyd makes an app for Cs-Cart? Basically it's a fraud prevention service that scans over orders looking for problem areas. You pay a monthly fee. Are there other services that work with CsCart's setup?

I'm running CS-Cart 4.3.4

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The standard cs-cart addon 'anti_fraud' uses Maxmind's DB to identify potentially fraudulent activity based on a number of factors. To be useful you need to sign up for Maxmind's services (they very from expensive to inexpensive). It will do things like verify IP locality to the billing address, known CC issues, etc.

I'm not sure what it does on detection.

But since it's a standard cs-cart addon, you should be able to find out from the knowledge base.

We did a fraud detection addon in the past. However, sales were so low that we pulled it. Seems like merchants are not very concerned with fraud detection and would rather just react when it happens.

As alternative, pay attention to the following module from the marketplace

I wrote AltTeam looking for a quote on this. I tried FraudLabs Pro and it's OK but nowhere as in depth and solid as Signifyd.

I wrote AltTeam looking for a quote on this. I tried FraudLabs Pro and it's OK but nowhere as in depth and solid as Signifyd.

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SignifyD makes no guarantee, they put a JS code to your website to learn your users' behavior.

Do they look at 5 pages before they purchase?

Do they check your shipping policy?

Which regions are they coming from mostly?

etc. etc.

They combine all these data points to give you a decision Metric. So it is not a preventive measure, it is only a recommendation tool and they make no guarantee.

It is perfect scenario and business model for SaaS just like Google. They hold on to your data and they excel in the knowledge and you keep paying for it forever.

The best fraud detection are the ones that are actually more simple in nature and relate more to geo-location of user to credit card address.. I.e. if IP of device is more than 50 miles from card address, alert admin (who can then determine whether to hold up the order). If it's more than 200, decline the transaction until admin can manually verify the user by contacting them and then adding the user to a local whitelist.

Trying to determine via navigation behavior would have very low value.

There are other alerts too like billing matches shipping or at least destination country matches billing country, etc.... But these are static heuristics and don't require any remote determinations or user/site information.

Tony, you have a really good point. Seeing FraudLabs, I signed their paid service today. They caught 4 orders with High fraud score. Both of them are not even close to being real fraud. Everything actually checked out with the customer, IP, domain, customer name etc. I will be cancelling it next month but this helped me have a good idea.

Heuristics aren't all bad but they depend on user behavior and as we know, us humans are not very predictable nor do we conform to set patterns very well. That why Google Analytics is good for recognizing patterns. But there's only a few navigation patterns that will stand out. Those customers who know what they want (search or go directly to a referred URL) and then buy and those that hunt around for a while and may buy and may not.

That's why good marketing is so important. Get them to the product page to click add to cart. Then let them go snooping around for other stuff!