Sign Up Wholesale Account Page

Is there anyway to create a special signup page that allows the customer to register for a new account, and select a User Group to sign up for all on the same page?

I need this feature to allow customers to create wholesale accounts.

As it is now they need to create an account, then goto their profile to request to be assigned to a wholesale usergroup.

This would go along with my earlier post…This would be a great addon…

It would compliment it. In fact thats what sparked the thought of the question. As I mentioned though the customer can request a user group under their profile but to be able to sign up for it during registration would be nice. Its just an extra step most customers wont understand.

Being thinking about doing this on my site. Do you have just wholesale customers? or both retail and Wholesale customers?

I have both, and actually I dont see the request option afterwards in the profile client side.

I have both as well. I dont understand why Chrisbti doesn't have the option in client profile. Thats so odd. What version are you running?


I'll just wait for version 3

Make sure you try as a customer, not as admin. As customer it should show, as admin not. And it’s a TAB, not a dropdown like the affiliate one :)

ok…silly me, i was logging in as Admin…wow…thnx for the help!!

[quote name=‘chrisbti’ timestamp=‘1331842803’ post=‘133212’]

ok…silly me, i was logging in as Admin…wow…thnx for the help!!


You’re welcome. Stuff like this happens to me all the time. It’s show I found out, actually ;)