Sign out from Vendor account

It’s impossible to sign out from Vendor account once you have switched to it from Admin Panel. I have multivendor CS-cart. recently I have clicked on Vendor link in VENDOR list menu in left upper position, and then never returned back. Now I can’t switch it back to admin. I tried to clear caches. No result.

Only using different browser I can log-in to Admin panel.

I believe admin should be able to work in both Admin panel and vendor account. Otherwise - why Vendor list is offered?

Is there any other way to browse Vendor Admin panel from main Admin?

I was told to use the “Act of behalf of” feature. This is what the vendor sees when they log in.

Act on behalf creates the same problem.

I've experienced the same situation that you have Belzibot. Once I have “acted on behalf” of the vendor there is some type of glitch in returning to the Administrator account. Also …i've found issues on simultanious loging into the Vendors Admin and the Administrators Admin when using the same browser. If using different browsers ex…firefox and opera simultanious login is doable.

I havent been able to successfully utilize the “act on behalf of vendor”.

Is there a trick to this or a special process that we are missing out on??