Sign in with your Help Desk account

Hello CS-Cart team,

Please consider the sign in functionality to Help Desk account optional since not all users are direct CS-Cart customers and also this can damage the agency credibility and rise concerns.

I developed an easy way to hide for now :smiley: and if other agency needs my help please ping me.

Thank you CS-Cart for your great product and for continuing improving it, for the last years you push allot of improvements and respond to market real needs :clap: .



Hello Valentin,

There is more to this pop-up than meets the eye, and it may get more uses in the future.

For example:

  • A Help Desk account can be connected to the Add-on Market. For now, signing in through Help Desk keeps customers up to date if there are any new versions of the add-ons they bought.

    In the future, this tool might evolve to help with planning upgrades. For example, it might be able to tell if all your add-ons are compatible with a newly-released CS-Cart version.

    This is not a plan set in stone, but rather me thinking of possible future uses.

  • CS-Cart Store Builder Free needs to connect to Help Desk too, because it is the only way to receive upgrades.

I understand your concerns as an agency: you offer support to your clients, and having a pop-up about Help Desk can get confusing. I’ve let my colleagues know about these concerns, so that they could take them into account.

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