Sign In Url?

I'm running CS-Cart: version 3.0.6 PROFESSIONAL.

When I go to SIGN IN link, the link shows up with the current url that I am on.

For instance, let's say that I am visiting a newsletter page on my site which is technically:


Now, since I use SEO settings, I see the SEO friendly url:

Yet, when I go up top of that page and go to SIGN IN link, the popular SIGN IN url shows:


The problem is, this is creating duplicate content for me because it is generating thousands of SIGN IN urls for thousands of pages. For instance, I can go to /about-my-company.html and the popup SIGN IN url is: login?return_url=index.php%3Fdispatch%3Dpages.view%26page_id%3D207.

How can I change, remove or delete the return url?

The sign in link should have a rel=“nofollow” and instructs the engines not to follow that link, So not sure why you'd see duplication content.

As mentioned the link should be 'nofollow' but even without it, you wouldn't actually get duplicate content as the search engine wouldn't get past the login (unless you gave it credentials!). So you shouldn't have any of your content indexed under the different URLs.

It would still be not ideal though without the 'nofollow' as you'd be wasting internal link juice on pointless URLs, as well as also confusing search engines and wasting their time following useless links instead of crawling the real content.

The only page that could be considered duplicate content would actually be your login page (which could indeed be seen under thousands of URLs) but I doubt you'd get a penalty for this and in any case, it could be also sorted with a canonical tag if you really wanted…

They aren't listed as nofollow for me:


Register is. Sign in is not.



PasswordForgot password?

Neither is Forgot Password.

[b]Can you tell me what CSCart file has this link, so that I can add rel="nofollow"?[/b]

But these will all block at the next step without credentials. So they should not be an issue.