"Sign in or Register" links don't work


I’m developing my store and just noticed that the “Sign in or Register” links above the top menu, on the right, are not working. When I hover the mouse, the cursor doesn’t change and if I click on the links nothing happens.

I tried to check the code but I’ not a coder so I don’t understand it, I even compared it with the demo store code, and it looks exactly the same… When I click “My Account”, both “sign in” and “register” links work perfectly.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you,

Maria Cafe

Never mind, just found out what’s messing with the “Sign in or Register” links… I’m using the Lolly skin and loaded a bigger than the original logo to the customer area. Then I had to move down the top menu buttons by 45px, and for no logic reason the links stopped working after that. If I move the buttons back up, the links work fine.

Not that my problem is solved, because my logo is large…