Showing Product Code


When I'm adding an order through the admin panel, sometimes the product code is too long and shows "..." on the end instead. Is there a way of extending that "column" to show more of the product code, as sometimes we are having to add a product, see it's the wrong one, delete it and then try again


I have used Chrome's element inspection and found the part I need to edit is called ".table-select2-column-product-code" with the field I want to change being "width:15%". I want to change this line to "20%" if possible, as it cuts off a lot of my product codes which are too long.

Is anyone able to help me find the file I need to edit? I have checked various different .tpl files but cannot find any reference to this. Some advice would be hugely appreciated. (I am on v4.9.2)

Please use the following instruction