Showing Barcode From Product Code

I'm newbie here and my English is not good. So sorry.
I will explain how I show barcode on the product page. First, I add product code as barcode of them, then I want show those barcode on the product page, so I can use barcode reader to read them when I need.
I was looking for php barcode generator and found this:
This is an old post since 2009 but enought for me.
Just download the zip file and you will get main file barcode.php. You can run the file to know how it works.
Unzip and put file barcode.php to [cs-cart-root-folder]/barcode
From admin dashboard, edit template "responsive / templates / common / product_data.tpl"
Find "{$product.product_code}" and add beside
You can change the Type of code, orientation and size, please read the instruction in its.
Thanks for reading

Welcome and pretty cool. Thanks for the tip.