Showing 'out Of Stock' Before Customer Clicks Preview.

My wife has decided that she wants to display 'out of stock' items.

We sell one off items of clothing.

In my view a customer will get annoyed after clicking the preview

only to find the item has been sold and can't be ordered.

Is there any way to show 'Sold Out' in the preview pane.

You can either use the hook products:quick_view_title or modify the template in views/products/quick_view.tpl.

There are several other hooks in this file that can be used depending on where you want to display your information…

I would recommend using the hook.

There's also a hook called “override_wife” that usually works well but has lots of side-effects.

[quote name='tbirnseth' timestamp='1415050557' post='195978']

There's also a hook called “override_wife” that usually works well but has lots of side-effects.


Nah…never works for me ! always returns 502

Maybe I will run a poll somewhere and convince either my wife or myself that it's a good or bad idea.

I would like to go back to not displaying sold items.

Why don't you just uncheck the “Hide Add to Cart” button option in the block settings? and for lists of products in your categories, set the List without Options as your default for “Product default list view” in Admin > Settings > Appearance. That view includes an Add to Cart button.

Basically, as long as you are showing the add to cart button, the cart must show a product out of stock instead of the button.

I've run CS-Cart like this from the beginning. I show out of stock products & allow customers to sign up for back in stock notification. When a product is discontinued, I hide it, then eventually disable it with a 301 redirect.

Thing is that we can't get the items again.

I would rather hide 'out of stock' products altogether but the wife wants to

keep on displaying the items.

I am after a way to show customers that the item has been sold 'before' they

click on the item listing.

Ya, showing the add to cart button does that automatically.

Then you can hide or disable the product later.

BTW “listing” is when you are looking at a bunch of products in a list.

You want them to see the product out of stock before they view the “details”.

Or maybe you want to create a new category for Sold Out or Archives and put all those products in that category only

Thanks Magpie Don.

I did as suggested and set up a SOLD category but then managed to convince

the wife that showing customers products they couldn't buy was not such

a great idea.