Show products on Sitemap page

Anybody point me to the right direction for adding Products onto the sitemap pages ?

Ive seen a few CS sites with this but cant find it in the forums…

At the moment it shows Categories / Subcategories only

I want it to show a complete product list… with or without the categories.

Thanks in advance !

I’m gonna make a page called all-products.html instead. The sitemap gets way too big if you have all products on there.

Good idea !

I really would like some kind of “complete price list”

no doubt I will figure it out in the end, but for know im gonna keep adding products to my store !

I would also like to have a ‘full product list’ available somewhere on the site.

How is this done?

Many thanks

I guess nobody is going to post a solution, so Ill let you know when I have done it…

It wont be too difficult, more a matter of time than anything at the moment.

That would be fantastic. Thank you very much.

I had a go yesterday but messed it up.:frowning:

Many thanks

Has anyone managed to come up with something for this?

I hope so as I would really like to create a page that features links to every product in the store. Sort of like an expanded sitemap that can be offered as well as the normal category sitemap page.

My efforts are not working.

Many thanks.