Show Product Category in search results

I need to be able to show the product category in the product details that show when you search for something.

This should be easy, but $category_data.category or $category.category does not show anything. I can’t use breadcrumbs because that just shows ‘Search’ or ‘Advanced Search’ and not the actual product category.

I know the tpl I need to edit to have it show in the right place is product_data.tpl. I’ve successfully gotten the breadcrumb thing to work, but like I mentioned above that does not work when looking at search results.

This is what I used for the breadcrumbs:

<br />
{math assign="get_category" equation="x-1" x=$breadcrumbs|@count}<br />
<h2 class="categoryTitle-productPage">{$breadcrumbs.$get_category.title}</h2>
```<br />
<br />
I just need to actually show the real categories for each search result.<br />
<br />
Please, someone has to have already solved this.