Show inc vat prices 1st then ex vat prices


Basically I would like to show inc vat prices 1st then ex vat rices, please read on for more information!!

I have searched the forums for about a day now and looked into finding a solution to the problem myself but am now rather stuck.

My current store shows prices that includes vat and delivery as one price. ( I calculate this before entering the price to make it easier to manage)

However in the new year the UK Vat percentage is going up from 17.5% to 20% VAT and will go back down at some point (eventually).

So to make the transition both forwards then back to the normal rate at a later date, I am now looking to insert all my prices excluding VAT and then add VAT based on the figure entered into the Admin area (be it 17.5% or 20%)

This is fine in theory, I have entered the correct information BUT when I go to a product it shows like this:

Price: £1.50

(£1.76 inc Vat)

This does mean though that in searches and on summary pages all the prices are shown EXCLUDING Vat. Now the issue I have with this is that when a customer views the site they will look at the price and it will be incorrect (it will not show the included VAT price until they click on the product details page)

What I would like to do is is show the INC VAT first, then underneath, show the EX VAT price.

BAISICALLY reversing how it is now.

Any help would be great!

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