Show hidden categories in main content

Hi there,

I have a lot of menu items in my preferred Basic Menu so have opted to change many sub-menus to Hidden. However, I need these to show in the main content part of the site as subcategories.

Can anyone point me in the direction of the code to show all hidden categories in the main content (not in the menu).

I’ve been in the skins/basic/customer/categories_pages/categories.tpl and seen where the subcategories are output to the screen but unsure where it decides if they are set to Hidden, No or Yes. I basically want to list all subcategories whether they are set to Yes or Hidden.

Anyone know how to do this?


Paul. (this is the site I am playing with)

All running 1.3.5sp3

You could try this:

In “/core/fn_catalog.php”


function fn_get_subcategories($category_id = '0', $lang_code = '')
return fn_get_categories($category_id, true, 0, true, false, $lang_code[COLOR=Red], true[/COLOR]);

function fn_get_categories($category_id = 0, $visible = false, $current_category_id = 0, $simple = true, $plain = false, $lang_code=‘’[COLOR=Red], $show_hidden = false[/COLOR])


global $db_tables, $cart_language, $auth, $settings;

$lang_code = !empty($lang_code) ? $lang_code : $cart_language;

$conditions = array();

if (AREA == ‘C’) {

[COLOR=Red] if($show_hidden) {

$_avails = array(‘Y’,‘H’); // Show enabled and hidden products/categories

} else {[/COLOR]

$_avails = array(‘Y’); // Show enabled products/categories


$conditions[] = “$db_tables[categories].membership_id IN (‘0’, ‘$auth[membership_id]’)”;

$conditions[] = “$db_tables[categories].avail IN ('” . implode(“‘,’”, $_avails) . “')”;


What a star - exactly what I needed.

Thanks very much.



i want my hidden categories should be visible on sitemap page or any page which shows all the categories (active, hidden)

anyone know how i get this