Show custom field input in orders

I have created a custom field in products/general, it is saving input and displaying on storefront basically it is working fine. The steps, I followed are:

  1. created a column in database
  2. created custom field in hooks
  3. Added the hook in products/update.tpl

Now, I want to display the same input in orders detail section in admin panel.
When an order is placed for certain product, I want to show the input of custom field in order detail, something just like how product image is been shown in order detail section.
Any guidance will be helpful.
Thank you.

You can add it to the extra array which is stored in the cscart_order_details table during order creation.

Can you please explain? what should I exactly add as an extra array.
All I want is to see the custom field input in the form of text in order detail section.

Use hooks in the fn_update_order function (app/functions/fn.cart.php) to extend the extra array