Show Casing Video Game Website

Just show casing my humble website for cs-cart members only.

I’ve added video section so my customers can see the game trailers.

please have a look and criticize. If there is something you like I’ll answer your question to the best I can.

The website is


(moderator: please do not move this thread to public thread as this is for cs-cart members only at the moment).

I like the video addon, way back in the days people complained about getting a media manager integrated but it never happened, at least not yet…

Nice website,

How were you able to add the Windows icon in the product options section?


That’s product features actually.

in skins\basic\customer\products_pages\product_features.tpl.

In the file just check if product feature is platform and value is windows then output windows icons image.

[quote name=‘gugga7’]Nice website,

How were you able to add the Windows icon in the product options section?


Thanks Codies,

I’ve been looking for this feature for some time now. Can you help me by showing how to insert the code you mentionned?

This is what I have in product_features.tpl

[QUOTE]{* $Id: product_features.tpl 3587 2007-08-07 15:00:15Z angel $ *}

{foreach from=$product.product_features item=“pf”}

{if $pf.hidden != 'Y'}
{if $pf.feature_type == 'C'}


This is what i mean… the value is either windows, ps2, ps3 etc etc… whatever applicable to your case.


{if $pf.description == ‘Platform’}




{if $pf.feature_type == ‘C’}







Thanks a bunch Codies, it did work.

And if you want to go further and display the same windows icon for different combinations of versions (ex. “Windows 2000, XP” and “Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP”)

You can do this:

$pf.value|replace:",":""|replace:" 2000":""|replace:" XP":""|replace:" Me":""|replace:" Vista":""|replace:" 98":""|lower

This will result in all those exact quotes becoming “windows”. So you can call windows.gif