Show cart intems in checkout

How can i show cart content in checkout page? I mean, something like cart page with possibilty to change item quantity.

This will show a collapsed cart button …

  1. Navigate to Layouts: Log in to your CS-Cart admin panel and go to Design > Layouts.
  2. Select Checkout Layout: Locate and select the layout that corresponds to your checkout page. Typically, it’s named something like “Checkout” or “Checkout and Payments”.
  3. Add Block: Within the selected layout, you’ll see various sections where you can add blocks. Look for the appropriate section where you want to display the cart content. It’s often placed at the top or bottom of the checkout page.
  4. Add Cart Block: Click on the “+” icon or “Add Block” button within the chosen section. A popup or dropdown menu will appear.
  5. Choose Cart Block: From the popup or dropdown menu, select the option to add a “Cart” block. This block will display the cart content.
  6. Configure Block Settings: After adding
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I dont have this setting in cart block.

This is what it looks like now, but i want to be able to change de quantity also.

ah my block includes that detail, but looks like we have different themes. You could try other checkout blocks if you have them, if not and it was me I would find the block, create an override using the mychanges add-on and tweak it there, but then it would take me for ever and I would probably mess it up, sounds like you need a developer!