Shopping Cart Not Updating


my shopping cart is not updating after adding an item to my cart.

When i add a product to my cart, the cart shows as empty until i refresh the page. however when i delete the product from my cart without being in "my cart" page the cart updates correctly and shows feedback that the cart is empty.

I have tried disabling add-ons to ensure it's not one of the add-ons that's causing this but that didn't resolve anything.

Has anyone ever come across this issue or do you have any idea how to resolve this?

i would really appreciate if anyone can help.



Looks like something wrong with the sessions. But the issue should be examined on your server directly

Hi eComLabs,

Thanks for your reply, I have installed another CS-Cart on the same server and that seems to work without any issues. Can you please advise how I can look into sessions?



It is required to debug the code.