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Okay here’s my rant… Since I run a CS-cart based webstore, + eBay store + Amazon Store And I like to to compare prices with USPS and FedEX… Over the last couple of years, I’ve been using Endicia software for USPS, and having to log into 3 different stores to copy/paste info back and forth. This involves 4 different websites + the Endicia standalone software. This is redundant and a huge waste of time. (I wont’ even get into the inventory issues from cross-marketing) To through in the final kicker, I’m on a Mac. There isn’t a single solution I can find that is Mac based that integrates 3 stores + USPS + FedEx. (In theory, TrueShip’s ReadyShipper does, but it’s old and doesn’t even work.) Last I checked this was 2011. So giving up on the mac side and trying to come to grips with using VMWare Fusion for my “Windoz” based solution, I stumble across a few interesting options.

First is… Which lacks FedEx, but supports:


Yahoo! Stores®

PayPal Shops®® Pro Merchant

Google Checkoutâ„¢

Files from CSV, Excel, Access, SQL database and Oracle® via an ODBC connection

XML file formats ( and other common formats)

Zen Cartâ„¢




Then I come across ShipWorks, which DOES support FedEx AND the following:


Amazon Seller Central






CRE Loaded







Miva Merchant

Network Solutions








Web Shop Manager



Yahoo! Stores


Zen Cart

So… anybody notice anything missing? WHERE IN THE HELL IS CS-CART? I really have to start questioning who’s fault this is and ask: Why is CS-Cart not on this list? My theory is… if CS-Cart want’s to play with the big dogs… they better figure out a way to get their name on numerous “compatibility” lists. I’ve stumbled across a few other solutions who listed x-cart (cs-carts closest competitor) but I haven’t seen cs-cart in ONE shipping solution so far! I just abandoned Zen Cart and chose CS-Cart over X-Cart. Did I make the wrong choice? Are we stuck doing manual shipping forever?

Maybe this helps?


This doesn’t solve your problem but does have Fed Ex you just have to upgrade the package to a higher package.

I have been reading up on Really sound like they can be a nightmare. Would love to hear more cscart user reviews.

I use via readyshipper. It works fine. Re the message above by OP, readyshipper has come out with 6.1. and it saves us a lot of time and money.

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I use via readyshipper. It works fine. Re the message above by OP, readyshipper has come out with 6.1. and it saves us a lot of time and money.


Are you able to import tracking numbers back in to CS-Cart with readshipper? Or do you have something that is connecting to readyshipper like some of the other shopping carts do?

Does anyone have readyshipper V 6.5.9 that would like to share with me?

I was running readyshipper 6.5.9, upgraded to the latest V 7 and now my license is not longer good with this version, I need to pay $29 p/month if I want to continue to use it, the main issue here is that I only use USPS with Express 1 module to ship all my orders.

Express 1

Express 1 & Trueship

Express 1 Permanent 301 Redirect | ReadyCloud

Thanks for all your help