Shipstation Integration For Multi-Vendor

Do I as the site owner need shipstation even though I'm not shipping anything? The vendors I am talking to use shipstation and need to connect their account to their CS Cart store. How is this done?

I would think (without reviewing the shipstation integraiton) that you would need to send them the ship_to order data and be able to update order status from them. All of this could be done via the API but not sure if shipstation uses it or not.

Did you try to contact addon developer with this task?


Did anyone solve this? We are about to migrate our marketplace to CS Cart and a few of our vendors use Shipstation - is there anyway of connecting their vendor stores to their Shipstation accounts OOTB?


Hi , any new info on being able to connect Shipstation to CS Cart MV?

There is a online link but that seems to be more for a one off store not Multivendor.

Does CS cart or anyone else have a addon?