Shipping zones and Sales Tax with CS-Cart ?

I’m having a problem setting up custom shipping zones.

I have a vendor that has 5 shipping zones for all United States… The zone’s (1-5) go by weight (250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000).

I can enter the products weight, but how do I go about having zones for these products? for example (zone1: Indiana, Michigan, Ohio) the product is 1100lbs so it’s in the 1000lbs weight chart for zone one ($175 shipping costs for the states in zone 1 and weight class of 1000lbs)

Is there a way to select custom pricing for weight by each state? So I can edit one time all 50 states for this weight to be this amount for shipping costs?

Another problem is setting up sales tax for a single state. 7% for the state of Florida.

Any help is appreciated!