Shipping worldwide

Hi guys I am trying to setup shipping worldwide.

I currently only ship to the US. I have no localization set up. I am currently calculating shipping with UPS and USPS realtime. No cost, products or quantity dependencies.

When I tried adding Canada (for example), I enabled it in the locations and countries under shipping&taxes.

Now Canada correctly shows up in the checkout as contry and state option.

However, when I do a test, I get this error

Sorry, it seems that we have no shipping options available for your location.
Please check your shipping address and contact us if everything is okay. We'll see what we can do about it.

I cannot figure out how to have UPS or USPS calculate the shipping outside the US

I know there is an option for Canada Mail or something similar to that…but my plan is to ship worldwide using UPS or USPS

how can I proceed with settiing up the shipping calculator to ship worldwide and get rid of the error?

guys anyone can help me setting up shipping worldwide? I cannot figure out why I get the error message at check out