Hello setting up a shipping-weight based location

Product weight: 0 kg

setting in custom-shipping method in state LA

more than 0 kilo rate: $10 type: absolute per kg: YES

then checkout, when i estimate the shipping cost: $0.1

it should be $10 right? as for the minimum weight is 1kg

but if i set the product weight: 1 kg the shipping cost will be $10

and if i set the product weight: 0.2kg the shipping cost will be $2

i expect it to have a minimum weight, so no matter weight is 0.1kg or 0.5kg as long its less than a kg, it will charge full amount of 1kilo

thank you

Try setting up two rates:

More than 0 $10 Absolute Per kg: Unchecked (this establishes a minimum $10 shipping charge)

More than 1 $10 Absolute Per kg: checked (this handles weight over 1kg)


thanks Jobo, but is there any option other than this way?

because if i have 60 state then i need to change the whole 60 state right?

is there any way by default to set minimum charge fee 1kg even though product less than kg.

and by default all product comes with 0 kg. so i need to mass update right.

lot of work. can this be done by change the settings?

There is no setting for a minimum shipping amount.

If you have a location for every state then, yes, you will need to set this up on every state. On the other hand, if you can combine states into a common locations (e.g., several states all get the same shipping options and the same tax treatment) you will save time. Do you really need 60 separate locations?

You can use the mass edit feature to update the the weight on all your products. If all your products are going to be set to the same weight, you could just set the weight directly in the database using phpMyAdmin.


weight based shipping fee

product weight 0.5 x shipping cost (1kg) = price

cannot make 0.5 (charge as minimum 1kg, not 0.5)

there is no way i can set like this?

how come if product weight 0 kilo then its charge $0.1 ?

what is the calculation?

is it same with this: [url][/url]

I just tried this using the settings I suggested above and it worked better than I previously described. This is tested using 2.0.14

For any weight over 1lb, it calculated shipping as $10 * weight. An item that weighed 1.2lbs had shipping = $12.

For all weights less than 1lb (including 0 lbs), the shipping was set to the $10 minimum. Are you sure you unchecked the Per Lbs(kg) checkbox for the first line?


per kilo is set to checked, so i musnt check that one?

will try this, thanks jobo for help

Yes, per kilo for the first line should be unchecked. The cart will then calculate the minimum absolute shipping charge on anything up to the next weight bracket.