shipping USPS 1st class to canada only

Hope this is not a repeat of my question, had the forum go down on my for a minute.

We have been using cs-cart ver 2.1.1 for quite some time. I have come up a shipping problem I can’t figure out. We ship from USA.

When shipping international orders we what to ship to canada by either USPS 1st class or Priority mail. this works. But any other international orde we what to ship only USPS priority mail, which has better tracking.

Can this be done?


David DeWitt

Does nobody have any idea? Wow!!



You have to take USA out of all countries, it conflicts. Go to shipping/taxes, then to locations. Make sure USA is not listed in the right column in the first section of all countries, if it is, move it over to the right by clicking on the arrow. If you also have a state location, you need to be sure that state is not listed in the USA box. Not sure if that makes sense, it took me a while to figure out, but it works.

Then when you are in your shipping methods, you have to set up shipping for each location listed at the top on the left under shipping charges, so if you have a Canada option, click on Canada, then complete your shipping charges, then save. Canada also needed to be removed from your default all countries.