shipping to canada? ups

I am in the united states

had 1 person call me they are getting

“Unfortunately no shipping options are available for your location.

Please contact us and we will see about delivering to you.”

when ordering from Canada

US order are going through

how would I set it up for Canada?

Is is not done through the “Shipping Settings” in admin?

just an fyi Canadians hate UPS (in our experience) the tax/duty piece hits them in the face at time of delivery. We went through a great deal of explanation giving quotes to Canadians and still we were met with dislike.

We ended up going back to USPS for Canadian and worldwide for that matter.

We do not have the cart set up in real time mode for shipping as our site offers free shipping to the US and we offer quotes to all others


you know the crazy part is that I think that people just leave the store that are in Canada

my stats show around 12% Canadian hits

Do you have a “Canada” destination? Are you using real-time rates or a shipping table?

If you are using a shipping table, make sure you have have charges set up under the appropriate destination(s) (e.g., Canada or default). If you are using real-time rates, make sure you have at least one shipping method with a Shipping Service that starts with “UPS Canada:”. Most likely, you want UPS Canada: Standard" as a minimum.